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2021 Club / Federation Management Seminar "Learning from others - Best Practice"
10.06.2021-11.06.2021 in Webinar (EHF)
Delegates' Courses
2019 Club Manager Seminar
30.5-01.06.2019 in Cologne (GER)
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2018 EHF Licence Renewal Seminar
13.12.2018-16.12.2018 in Créteil (FRA)

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10 days to register, 10 reasons to attend the first EHF Grassroots Convention

08.12.2023 - NEWS: Registration for the convention in Munich on 14 January 2024 is open until 18 December

Experts gather in Cologne to discuss future of handball

07.12.2023 - NEWS: Monetisation, sustainability and digitalisation are main topics at Handball Leadership Conference on 25/26 January 2024

Inclusive handball in the ‘HappyLeague’ in webinar spotlight

07.12.2023 - NEWS: The success of the Danish ‘HappyLeague’ in making handball inclusive for all is the topic of the next EHF webinar

Life Kinetik founder joins EHF Grassroots Convention

04.12.2023 - EHF GRASSROOTS CONVENTION: Horst Lutz brings his highly-rated Life Kinetik® training programme to the inaugural EHF Grassroots Convention in Munich

How exchange of ideas and transfer of knowledge push handball along

01.12.2023 - FEATURE: EHF Methods Commission Chairman Pedro Sequeira looks back on the 7th Scientific Conference and ahead to more projects

Experts provide Sponsorships 101 in next webinar

29.11.2023 - EHF WEBINAR: Infront specialists explain how to attract sponsors and more sports marketing tips in EHF webinar

Next webinar explores ABC's of Strength & Conditioning

28.11.2023 - EHF WEBINAR: Wellness coach, physical coach and personal trainer Dragos Luscan explains his approach to strength and conditioning in handball

Expanding the base of Serbian players through projects

27.11.2023 - FEATURE: Nikola Maksimovic will talk about the success of HC Novi Beograd at the EHF Grassroots Convention in January 2024

EHF Scientific Conference delves deeper on final day

24.11.2023 - NEWS: From shoulder injury prevention to the changing of rules in children’s handball, the second and final day of the EHF Scientific Conference shared even more knowledge.

Kindergarten handball is growing up

24.11.2023 - FEATURE: Handball adapted for three-to five-year olds is topic at EHF Grassroots Convention in January 2024

7th EHF Scientific Conference gets underway in Porto

24.11.2023 - DAY 1 REVIEW: Experts in professional and scientific fields have gathered in Porto for discussion and insights from a wide range of topics in professional handball.

Programme released for EHF Grassroots Convention

22.11.2023 - NEWS: The preliminary programme with 15 of the speakers at the EHF Grassroots Convention has been released. The event is packed full of brilliant keynote speakers and prolific athletes such as Andrea Lekic and Carlos Prieto.

EHF Grassroots Convention: Simplifying handball to get kids started

21.11.2023 - NEWS: Register now for the first ever EHF Grassroots Convention in Munich on 14 January

EHF Scientific Conference 2023 programme released

16.11.2023 - NEWS. The full programme of the EHF Scientific Conference has been released and to accompany it, the deadline for registration has been put back for both online and in-person participants.

Learn how to use TikTok successfully at the next EHF webinar

10.11.2023 - NEWS: The next EHF webinar will hear from TikTok’s global partner manager for sport on how to grow your audience on the social media platform

7th EHF Scientific Conference enhanced with additional workshop

03.11.2023 - NEWS: Two-day conference in Porto this month starts with workshop on preventing knee injuries

Social media and digitalisation on the next webinar agenda

25.10.2023 - NEWS: Next EHF webinar examines how handball clubs and federations can use social media and digital platforms to produce the most impact

Youth the focus of next EHF Webinars

17.10.2023 - WEBINARS: Minihandball and Analysis of YAC Competitions are the subjects of the next EHF Webinars in the ongoing series

Mats Olsson: “The most important thing to save the ball is the brain, not the body.”

12.10.2023 - INTERVIEW: Mats Olsson on reflex vs mental training, coaching different experience levels, what mindset a top goalkeeper needs and the significance of the inaugural goalkeeper summit.

EHF Summit: "What's next in the evolution of goalkeeping?"

06.10.2023 - The EHF's first Goalkeeper Summit in Vienna brought together goalkeepers, experts, coaches and players for two days of insightful and inspiring knowledge sharing

Next EHF Master Coach Course scheduled for 2024

06.10.2023 - NEWS: Registration for the biennial course is now open for coaches with a Level III certificate

EHF launches Psychological Skills training manual

28.09.2023 - MENTALLY FIT IN HANDBALL: EHF Competence Academy & Network has published a comprehensive training manual for coaches, offering a detailed insight into psychological skills training in handball

Modular System becomes official partner of Machineseeker EHF Champions League

12.09.2023 - NEWS: Mobile modular spaces manufacturer, Modular System, is an official partner of Europe's elite men's handball competition for 2023/24

New season ushers in new technology at EHF CL matches

08.09.2023 - NEWS: Video replay and the timeout buzzer will be implemented in the EHF Champions League

Back to school for the next EHF Webinar

04.09.2023 - WEBINAR: Carlos Prieto and Luisa Estriga are the expert panel discussing Handball At School, the latest in the series of EHF Webinars

Top head coaches debate 7v6 in upcoming webinar

18.08.2023 - WEBINAR: Bent Dahl and Kim Rasmussen are the speakers who will be discussing the positives and negatives of playing with an extra attacker

Mats Olsson among speakers at inaugural goalkeeper summit

11.08.2023 - NEWS: The EHF is inviting goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches to its first-ever goalkeeper summit in Vienna

Wheelchair handball in the spotlight at EURO Hand 4 All

09.08.2023 - FEATURE: Two outstanding editions of the tournament, set up in France, has put wheelchair handball at the centre of talks across Europe

EHF Webinar offers unique perspective into minds of elite referees

28.07.2023 - FEATURE: Two officials who whistled the FIFA World Cup final, Szymon Marciniak and Tomasz Listkiewicz, offered a unique look into the minds of the most successful football referees during an EHF Webinar

Sustainability is theme of 7th EHF Scientific Conference in Porto

24.07.2023 - NEWS: Guidelines for abstracts, articles, and presentations for the 23/24 November conference are now available

EHF Webinar features star football referees

17.07.2023 - NEWS: Leading referees Szymon Marciniak and Tomasz Listkiewicz from Poland join webinar on Thursday

Kids' handball & goalkeeping the focus of next EHF Webinars

07.07.2023 - EHF WEBINARS: This month, the handball world once again gets to here from the sport's experts, with two more free-to-attend EHF Webinars

Eighth edition of the European Handball Manager successfully finished

22.06.2023 - NEWS: After 16 new European handball managers completed the course, the next intake for the English edition will be in June 2024

EHF webinar on communication between referees and coaches

09.06.2023 - NEWS: The webinar on 16 June focuses on how officials and coaches communicate during a game and what exactly the rules are

Players to share their routines at EHF FINAL4 Webinar

30.05.2023 - EHF FINAL4 WEBINAR: Top players will be discussing their routines for EHF FINAL4 matches with you, the fans, ahead of the event in Budapest

Time for mini beach handball in next EHF webinar

09.05.2023 - NEWS: An upcoming EHF Webinar looks at how to get children and beginners involved in mini beach handball

Date set for 7th EHF Scientific Conference in Portugal

03.05.2023 - NEWS: The date for the 7th EHF Scientific Conference has been marked for 23/24 November 2023

Coach’s Challenge rule to make debut in EHF EURO Cup

28.04.2023 - NEWS: Germany vs Spain will be the first test of a new rule which allows coaches to challenge referees’ decisions on court

Practical nutrition advice on the menu in next EHF webinar

19.04.2023 - NEWS: The next EHF webinar will reveal the secrets of effective nutrition in handball, with a focus on the links between diet and performance

EHF celebrates WADA's 'Play True Day'

14.04.2023 - NEWS: Discover how the EHF supports WADA’s Play True Day and promotes clean competition in handball

E-sports under spotlight in EHF Activities webinar

05.04.2023 - NEWS: As e-sports and gaming continue to grow in popularity, the next EHF Activities webinar will ask what handball can learn from them

Preparation ramps up for European Masters Games

04.04.2023 - NEWS: The best European Masters athletes will gather in Tampere, Finland, for the upcoming multisport event this summer. 29 sports disciplines are on offer, including the much-awaited handball tournament

36 nations represented at RINCK convention seminar

27.03.2023 - NEWS: The future of coaching education in the spotlight as the relaunch of the EHF RINCK convention was shaped in Vienna last week

EHF Activities webinars continue with focus on female coaches

16.03.2023 - NEWS: The next EHF Activities webinar examines the benefits of being coached by women

EHF releases food and nutrition manual

13.03.2023 - NEWS: The EHF Competence Academy & Network has released a manual to help coaches and players better manage nutritional needs

Insights into Women’s EHF EURO 2022 revealed

10.03.2023 - NEWS: The EHF has published a qualitative analysis of the Women’s EHF EURO 2022, revealing trends in the way handball is being played

EHF referee badge redesigned

03.03.2023 - NEWS: The EHF has redesigned its referee badge to create a unified image and a branding “umbrella” for all referee-related activities

Empower to Inspire: Jenny Carlson and life with a stoma

02.03.2023 - EMPOWER TO INSPIRE: Swedish player Jenny Carlson has not let her ileostomy stop her from achieving huge success on the handball court

Top coaches discuss philosophy of defence in EHF Activities webinar

21.02.2023 - NEWS: An EHF Activities webinar on Tuesday 21 February will feature four leading coaches discussing the different philosophies of successful defence

Applications open for EHF Candidate Delegates course

17.02.2023 - EHF Delegates: A course for candidates to become EHF Delegates will be held in Vienna in April 2023, the application process is open now

Amorim prepares for next career with handball manager course

17.02.2023 - NEWS: Eduarda Amorim is one of 16 participants in the European Handball Manager 2022/23 course

How psychologists help players cope with stress

16.02.2023 - FEATURE: The constant pressure on top handball players to perform can become too easily much

Headset talking and expert insight

08.02.2023 - FEATURE: The EHF documentary “The final whistle 2.0.” and what the “main actors” Tanja Kuttler and Maike Merz say about it

EHF Activities Webinar with Talant Dujshebaev: Affirmation of young players in elite teams

13.01.2023 - The series of EHF Activities Webinar re-starts in 2023 with a true highlight: Talant Dujshebaev will present his ideas on the integration and affirmation of young players in elite teams on Tuesday 17 January at 14:00 CET.

EHF EURO analysis reveals how hard referees work

22.12.2022 - NEWS: Analysis of performance data from the Women's EHF EURO 2022 shows the level of intensity required to be a handball referee

European Handball 2022: celebrating 30 years of success

21.12.2022 - BUSINESS REPORT: The EHF looks back at 2022 and a range of new developments in European Handball in the annual business report

Women’s Handball Conference opens in Ljubljana

19.11.2022 - NEWS: Over 130 participants are attending the Women’s Handball Conference on the fringe of the final weekend of the EHF EURO 2022

Next generation coaches ready to help shape handball’s future

12.11.2022 - FEATURE: EHF Master Coach course concludes with six-day theoretical and practical module in Ljubljana

Nine teams to play in first six-a-side wheelchair handball championship

31.10.2022 - NEWS: Teams from across Europe, plus India and Pakistan, will participate in the 2022 World & European Wheelchair Handball Championship

Baby handball main topic of fifth EHF Activities webinar

11.10.2022 - NEWS: EHF Activities webinars continue with presentation by Vanessa Patucca-Bourgeais on handball for children aged three to six

Increased focus on nutrition for EHF EURO 2022 referees

30.09.2022 - FEATURE: Referees for the Women’s EHF EURO 2022 are ensuring they are eating and drinking all the right things after meeting nutritionist Eirini Babaroutsi

EHF Congress strengthens principle of non-discrimination

24.09.2022 - NEWS: Member federations pass decisive motions at Extraordinary Congress in Luxembourg

‘European Handball Forward’ brings federations together

24.09.2022 - NEWS: The 16th Conference of Presidents and the 15th Extraordinary Congress took place in Luxembourg on Saturday

Scotland and Croatia sign EHF Master Plan agreements

24.09.2022 - NEWS: The European Handball Federation has confirmed two more projects as part of its Master Plan support

Fourth EHF webinar turns focus on social projects in handball

21.09.2022 - NEWS: The fourth EHF Activities webinar of 2022 will feature Jennie Linnell talking about Sweden's 'Hand the Ball' project

How handball can become a lifelong sport and activity

21.09.2022 - FEATURE: The EHF will present its 'Circle of a handball life' approach at the Conference of Presidents on Saturday

Empowering referees to adapt to and handle pressure

16.09.2022 - FEATURE: Renowned sports psychologist Bojana Jelicic has joined the team that is helping guide and prepare the referees at Women’s EHF EURO 2022 referees

Safeguarding the sport: Success of Integrity Education Programme continues

06.09.2022 - NEWS: The latest initiative in the partnership with Sportradar Integrity Services drew strong engagement from Women’s EHF EURO 2022 referees

Maida Arslanagic to lead "ID Handball" webinar

05.09.2022 - NEWS: Former professional handball player Maida Arslanagic is to give a lecture on the inclusion of disabled people in handball as part of the EHF Webinar series

Women's EHF EURO 2022 kick-off seminar held in Vienna

29.08.2022 - NEWS: The EHF held a seminar for referees and delegates in Vienna ahead of the Women's EHF EURO 2022

Webinar series continues with "Handball Academies" lecture

27.07.2022 - NEWS: EHF Master Coach Edwin Kippers will give a lecture on handball academies as part of the EHF Activities Webinar series

2022 Master Coach Course cohort continue education in Porto

20.07.2022 - NEWS: After the opening in January, the second module of the EHF Master Coach Course 2022 was completed during the M20 EHF EURO 2022

Porto preparing to host second Master Coach module

06.07.2022 - NEWS: The second module of the EHF Master Coach Course 2022 will take place alongside the Men's 20 EHF EURO 2022 in Portugal

Webinar series starts with lecture on "Handball for Health"

28.06.2022 - NEWS: The first block of the new monthly EHF Activities Webinars opens with Portuguese scientific researcher Susana Póvoas on 7 July

How handball can combine the real and the digital worlds

18.06.2022 - FEATURE: EHF business event focuses on NFTS, blockchain and Metaverse

42 new European Handball Managers awarded

17.06.2022 - NEWS: Three years of the certificate programme were awarded in Cologne, signifying the overcoming of a challenging period for the course

EHF Convention was “perfect to exchange ideas and knowledge”

23.05.2022 - NEWS: Last weekend’s Convention for Heads of Refereeing in Vienna has received positive reactions from all sides

Rule changes make handball faster and fairer

20.05.2022 - FEATURE: Four updates of the official rules, taking effect on 1 July, will be presented at the EHF convention this weekend

Heads of refereeing gather for first convention in Vienna

19.05.2022 - NEWS: Representatives of 38 member federations will follow two-day programme aimed at further improving quality of refereeing

Men’s EHF EURO 2022 analysis: The rising stars for the future

04.05.2022 - NEWS: Part three of the qualitative Men’s EHF EURO 2022 analyse focus on the talents of the tournament

Men's EHF EURO 2022 analysis: Central focus and quick transitions

27.04.2022 - NEWS: EHF experts published the qualitative analyse of the Men’s EHF EURO 2022: part 2 focuses on the defence

Last chance to apply for next European Handball Manager programme

26.04.2022 - NEWS: 20 places up for grabs on the popular programme at the German Sport University Cologne

Men’s EHF EURO 2022 analysis: Strong right backs and efficient goals

22.04.2022 - NEWS: EHF experts publish qualitative analyses of the Men’s EHF EURO 2022 - in our first feature we focus on the results for the attack

First module of Master Coach Course completed

25.03.2022 - NEWS: 24 students began their Master Coach Course during the Men’s EHF EURO 2022 in January

‘Learn from the best’: how stars help a young generation

09.03.2022 - NEWS: A new EHF grassroots project features a video series with some of the biggest handball stars giving advice to tomorrow’s stars

‘This is me’ series celebrates female players

09.03.2022 - INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: To celebrate women’s achievements, here is a selection of the best ‘This is me’ stories shared by female players

‘The Final Whistle’ reveals the other face of the ref

07.03.2022 - NEWS: A new in-depth video series goes behind the scenes with EHF referees and delegates to showcase their work and personalities

Apply for next European Handball Manager programme

03.02.2022 - NEWS: 20 places up for grabs on the popular programme at the German Sport University Cologne

New analysis concept aims to guide coaches

26.01.2022 - FEATURE: The Methods Commission analysis of the EHF EURO 2022 will see an increase in visual aids for coaches

Handball legends pass on knowledge to future generation

25.01.2022 - FEATURE: Talented players from 10 countries gathered in Budapest during the EHF EURO 2022 with the opportunity to work with former stars

Top coaches inspire as sixth EHF Master Coach course begins

22.01.2022 - NEWS: The sixth edition of the EHF Master Coach Course began on the fringe of the Men’s EHF EURO 2022

EHF strengthens integrity measures with Sportradar education programme

14.01.2022 - MEDIA RELEASE: A two-year integrity education programme designed to safeguard handball across the EHF’s competitions has been announced

Call for applicants for seventh edition of MESGO

07.01.2022 - NEWS: Opportunity to take part in EHF-supported programme in August

Kinexon workshop held ahead of Men’s EHF EURO 2022

17.12.2021 - NEWS: Competing teams at the Men’s EHF EURO 2022 receive introduction to statistical analysis available in January

Handball reaches the next generation with the European Week of Sport

11.11.2021 - NEWS: 2021 marked the seventh consecutive year that the European Handball Federation was an official partner of the #BeActive European Week of Sport

Seventh edition of European Handball Manager in full flow

08.11.2021 - NEWS: The certificate programme for (former) players to enhance the sport’s professionalisation has started with 18 participants

How handball can keep all children on board

05.11.2021 - FEATURE: At the EHF Scientific Conference, Spanish great Carlos Prieto explains what handball can do for children with a migrant background

Sixth EHF Scientific Conference underway

04.11.2021 - NEWS: The sixth EHF Scientific Conference opened on Thursday with Chairman of the Methods Commission Pedro Sequeira welcoming participants

Registration opening for 2022 EHF Master Coach Course

02.11.2021 - NEWS: Full registration details and information for the next edition of the EHF’s course which runs throughout 2022

Presentations revealed for sixth EHF Scientific Conference

29.10.2021 - NEWS: Over 30 pieces of research will be presented by experts over 4-5 November